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2016 EPL Photo Order Form

  • Click above to download & print form. Please have photo order form completed, and deliver to coach or team rep by your photo date (full EPL photo schedule is below).

2016 EPL Photo Galleries:


5/6 Hammerjacks:


5/6 Steelheads:


5/6 Thunder:


7/8 Beastie Boys: 


7/8 Red Hornets:


7/8 Vikings:


3/4 Cedars:


3/4 Chupacabras:


3/4 Detonators:




3/4 Eastside NE Girls:


5/6 Eastside NE Girls:   


3/4 Central Girls:


Mud Dragons:

3/4 Black Widow Bandits: 


u12 Girls:


5/6 Central Girls:


7/8 Girls:


1/2 Girls Nooby:






2016 Eastside Portland Lacrosse Photography


Hello EPL Families & Coaches


Thank you for the opportunity to shoot your official 2016 EPL Photos.


The digital photo gallery links are listed below.


I can be reached at 503-317-9832 or with any questions about your photo date or the photo ordering process.


All my best,

Ken Rumbaugh

On Photo Day...
  • We will arrive at your practice location to shoot your team and individual photos.


  • All players and coaches are asked to arrive at your photo date in full game gear (full uniform and/or EPL coaching attire).


  • Order forms are due to the photographer on your photo day. Ideally, a designated team parent will collect all forms to deliver to photographer.




Check out the sample 2016 EPL 11x17 poster! (click on the image to enlarge)


All 11x17 posters include an individual action iphoto of your EPL player.

Some sample EPL action photos from 2015:

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