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After playing just three months with the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro American League Hank Aaron was quickly signed by the Milwaukie Braves. Throughout his career he became best known for hitting more home runs than any other baseball player in history. However, this baseball icon also spoke out against pervasive racism in major league baseball and broke racial barriers throughout his career. Despite hate mail, death threats against him and a plan to kidnap one of his daughters, Aaron broke Babe Ruth's homerun record on April 8, 1974 when he hit his 715th homerun. 

Hank Aaron / 11"x14" art print

  • This original Hank Aaron piece is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas. - Dodgers rookie Don Drysdale once asked Sandy Koufax how to pitch Hank Aaron. Koufax responded by saying, "Just make sure there's no one on base when Hank hits it out." 

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