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Sports Photography

As much as I have enjoyed shooting professional athletics for the past 14 years, it simply doesn't compare to the satisfaction of creating the same professional, stop-action images of youth and high school athletes. While there is certainly a sense of accomplishment in seeing my professional athletics work in print and online media, it pales in comparison to the satisfaction that comes with creating images that will be treasured by families for generations. 


We are available for individuals athletes, teams packages, and youth sports club photography. 


Continue reading below to learn more about how we can provide professional, stop-action images of the hustle, excitement and emotion of all the in-game action, often unseen from the stands.



Sports Photography Package Pricing

Team Packages

A) Game day Digital Pkg. / $350

  • 90 minute in-game photo session

  • All images uploaded to our secure online gallery for parent download (min. of 3 images / player)


Once downloaded, all digital images are yours to print, post and share as you wish. 


B) Game day Poster Pkg. / $350

  • 90 minute in-game photo session

  • 11"x17" Team Poster for each player (up to 16 posters/team)


The 11"x17" Team Poster makes for a wonderful end of the season "Coaches Gift" that your dedicated Coaches & Volunteers will treasure for a lifetime.



Club Photography

For Every Team in the League

Call us today to chat about breathing some life into the photography that your club families will use to remember a fun, competetive season in your league or club.


Recent clients include: Eastside Portland Lacrosse, Northeast United Soccer Club, Rose City Soccer Club, Milltown United Soccer Club, District One Little League All-Stars Tournament, Wilshire Riverside Little League, Portland Parks & Rec Basketball, Lincoln High School, St. Mary's Academy, CYO Basketball & CYO Football.


To the right you will see a few samples of the fun, 11"x17" posters we are providing for Youth Sports Leagues, Clubs & Teams in the Portland Area. Click any image to see it in greater detail.



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